Best electronic payment gateways for Arabs 2023

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The best online payment gateways
Multiple online payment gateways are one of the most important things that you must do on your online store in order to allow customers to purchase products in their preferred method. The process of installing electronic payment gates in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and many Arab countries is one of the problems facing store owners. So; In this article, God willing, we will learn about the best electronic payment gateways that Arabs can use to receive payments through the different types of Visa and MasterCard, the advantages of each electronic payment gateway, and how to obtain them.

1- Stripe

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– It is well known in the field of marketing that the majority of users prefer to pay using credit cards, and this percentage reached last year to 60% from consumers. So; If you do not provide an electronic payment gateway that accepts credit cards; You lose a lot of sales. There are many electronic payment gateways that accept credit cards, the most famous of which is the Stripe gateway.
Stripe is the most popular online payment gateway to receive payments using Visa, MasterCard, American Express and others. It also supports most platforms that provide the ability to create a professional online store such as Shopify and others.
– If you have previously tried to use Stripe on your store, you know that Stripe is only available for certain countries, including one Arab country, the UAE. But there is a way to open a Stripe account for Arabs and use a Visa payment gateway through it. You can review the video at the beginning of the paragraph to see a full explanation of the Stripe gateway and how to get an electronic payment gateway through it.

2- PayPal

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Paypal is one of the most popular payment methods that you should use on your store. There are many customers who prefer to use PayPal for payment for a variety of reasons, including to protect their credit card information, to ensure that the seller will deliver the item as agreed, and for other reasons. If you are looking for a free online payment gateway, you should use a PayPal payment gateway.
– Unlike other payment gateways like Stripe for example; The PayPal gateway is easy to obtain and use. All you have to do is have a PayPal account – preferably Open a Paypal Business Account So- then create activate the necessary settings for the portal.

– We have previously talked about the PayPal gateway and explained with a practical example how to install it on the Shopify store. You can see a practical explanation of this method from the video at the beginning of this paragraph.

3- Payeer portal

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Payer is one of the most famous electronic banks in existence at the present time, and one of the most widely used means of payments in general. Payer Bank provides a very important feature for e-store owners, which is the ability to use it as a payment gateway on their stores. Through this feature, customers can pay using their Payer account or using Visa and MasterCard cards.

– Another great feature that Payer provides is the ability to pay using digital currencies, and this is a very important feature, because many users have become dependent on digital currencies for payment because of their speed and low fees.

– One of the most important advantages of this method is also that using an electronic payment gateway through the service does not require additional steps, you just have to create a Payer account for free, and then you can create a payment gateway through the API of the site and use one of the cheapest electronic payment gates, as it is a convenient option For those looking for an electronic payment gateway without a commercial registration.

4- 2Checkout Gate

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2Checkout Gateway is one of the best electronic payment gateways in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and many Arab countries, as it – unlike Stripe – operates in 180 countries around the world and accepts most Arab countries. Through this portal, you can easily pay with credit cards on your stores, and it supports most platforms such as Shopify as well as WooCommerce and others.

– You can register for free on the platform and start setting up the linking process with your store, and you can communicate with the company in order to get any help or solve any problem you may encounter during the process of merging the 2Checkout payment gateway with your store.

The only drawback to this platform is its high fees compared to other portals such as Stripe, for example, as its fees reach 3.5% + $0.35 per transaction, but at the same time it is easier to accept than Stripe, and in general it is one of the best in the field.

5- Skrill Portal

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– We conclude with you this list in which we talked about the best electronic payment gateways suitable for users in the Arab countries with the Skrill gateway. By opening a Skrill business account, you can install a gateway that accepts payments with Visa and MasterCard, in addition to other methods such as Skrill balance or Neteller and other payment methods.
– This method is also easy to use and accepts users from most Arab countries. But in order to be able to use an electronic payment gateway via Skrill, you must have a business account on the service by having the documents of an officially registered company. There are plenty of ways to get this easily. You can review the video at the beginning of the paragraph, which explains how to establish a company in Britain easily for Arab users.

– After establishing the company, you can register with a business account in Skrill, PayPal and other services, and get an electronic payment gateway to accept payments with Visa and MasterCard on your store.

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